"Delivered on time, excellent quality and easy to prepare. I love the tea not only for its therapeutic effect, but also for its taste and aromas. Thank you!"
- review of our Crown Graviola


"Super quick Shipping. Very nice and clean looking Graviola leaves. All of them whole. "
- review of our Pure Graviola - Whole Leaves


"A delicious variant on a very healthy tea. The leaves are of very high quality - crisp and fresh, and give off a soothing aroma. This is the first time I saw a blend with lemongrass taste, and it's quite a tasty and innovative mix. And frankly, a great idea."
- review of our Graviola Edge blend


Graviola, called Soursop in English or Guanabana in Spanish, is a tropical plant also known by its latin name, Annona muricata.

The tree is sought-out for its fruit, but also for its leaves which are believed by many to offer significant health benefits.

The majority of herbal soursop remedies rely on the soursop leaf which is brewed into tea in order to extract the plant’s health benefits and excellent flavor.

The Graviola Tea Company specializes in providing premium quality soursop/graviola leaves and teas for your enjoyment and benefit.



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