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Graviola and soursop are two words for the same plant, the Annona muricata, renowned for its many health benefits and healing qualities as well as an amazing taste.

Drinking graviola tea or soursop tea is more than just about the health benefits. It is also a pleasure.

Our story takes us from the mountains of Sumatra straight to your morning cup of tea. Along the way we provide you with the finest quality graviola leaves and blends, adding enjoyable flavors to every pot.

We have partnered with a local NGO that aims to improve life on the island in a sustainable manner and ensures that we provide the finest tasting graviola teas, aka soursop teas.


We use only the best graviola leaves for our teas, combining soursop leaves with different plants and herbs to create unique blends that draw upon the flavors of the famed Spice Islands. We strive to use only locally sourced ingredients. We never use pesticides or commercial fertilizers. Our methods encourage local farmers to not destroy trees or plants while harvesting our products and train them to select only the best leaves for plucking, while leaving inferior quality leaves on the tree.

Not only do our teas and flavored blends have an excellent taste, they also provide their own healing qualities in addition to the many benefits of soursop.


"Pure Graviola - Whole Soursop Leaves for Tea" is our most basic product and is by far the most popular. Each package contains hand-selected and shade-dried graviola leaves which can either be brewed directly into a stand-alone tea, or can be combined with other herbs and teas for additional flavors.

We invite drinkers to share with us their favorite soursop tea blends!


The "Samosir Blend" is our flagship tea. This exciting mixture of sustainable harvested, wild cinnamon, soursop leaves and andaliman will help you to kick off your day with a pit of spice. Both the cinnamon and andaliman are both harvested from the wild, and are among the most pungent of traditional spices found in Sumatra.

The cinnamon used in our Samosir Blend not only adds flavor to graviola tea, it is also used traditionally to fight off colds, chills, arthritis and rheumatism. Cinnamon is considered an antiseptic against bacteria, viruses, fungal and yeast infections and is anti-E. coli. It is also used as a digestive aid and an anesthetic. Most importantly, it gives an amazing flavor to the soursop leaves.

Andaliman is a very rare spice found only in the mountains of Sumatra. Andaliman basically means "God's Spice" in the local language and is similar to Sichuan Peper, only much stronger in flavor. Beyond adding a delightful citrus taste to the blend, the andaliman is known for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, and has similar applications as green tea for the preservation of essential oils.


Soursop leaves flavored with organic lemongrass form our popular "Citrus Edge" blend, introducing an aromatic herb that adds a zesty, lemony taste to the graviola and helps to harmonize the two flavors. Lemongrass contains vitamin C and is hugely popular as a detox ingredient. It is an anti-oxidant and is commonly used to ward off insects such as mosquitos.


"Pure Graviola - Shredded Soursop Leaves for Tea" consists of whole soursop leaves, cut into small pieces for easy steeping. This tea is 100% graviola and can easily be flavored with other herbs and spices for a more personalized infusion. The advantage of shredded leaves is that they steep much faster than whole leaves. This product is rapidly becoming more popular among our veteran soursop tea drinkers.


All of our products are sourced directly from local growers in the Samosir region of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Samorsir’s volcanic soil, high elevations, tropical weather, and stable rainfall make it one of the worlds best producers of many spices and herbs. The fertile grounds mean that farmers can easily grow without the use of commercial fertilizers and the volcanic soils add to the pungency and aroma of all our products.

Never heard of Samosir? This fascinating island in a lake on an island has much to offer. You can find the basics on its Wikipedia page and view it on Google Maps.


We have partnered with Silimalombu Eco-Village on Samorsir Island.

Founded in 2009 as a model NGO by Ratnauli of the Gultom Clan, the village proposes multiple sustainable development projects around Samosir Island. Projects range from reforestation, solar-powered irrigation and fish-farming, recycling and waste management training, to micro-finance and organic farming. This locally-founded-and-run community works directly with farmers and aims to improve life on Samosir.

Our partnership with the Silimalombu Eco Village serves a triple purpose:

  • that all products meet our quality standards,
  • that farmers are paid fairly for their efforts,
  • that agricultural diversity and the preservation of local jungle and biodiversity is encouraged.

If you want to learn more about the Silimalombu Eco-Village, feel free to explore their website:


Meet the team responsible behind the Graviola Tea Company and the Silimalombu Eco-Village.


We use only the finest quality graviola leaves to make our tea and tea blends. All of our soursop leaves and blend ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides or commercial fertilizers. Everything is hand-selected and hand-picked, without destroying the plants, and are sorted before air-drying in the shade.

Farmers from around Samosir island have been trained to only select adult graviola leaves of optimal size and of the finest quality. Farmers have signed agreements promising that none of the leaves have been treated with pesticides or grown with commercial fertilizers, or that the the trees were cut down to provide the leaves. They are paid fair prices for complying with this agreement.

Graviola trees and many of the ingredients used in our blends grow wildly on Samosir island. We encourage farmers to maintain the wild plants, thereby helping to preserve forests and providing addition income from this preservation.


The Graviola Tea Company, LLC is a limited liability company in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

We aim to provide customers in the United States, Europe and around the world with great tasting herbal infusions and the health benefits of graviola tea, soursop tea and guanbana tea (all the same thing!) and blends.

For further information, feel free to contact us at