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We use a third party fulfillment provider to ship your order. This provider is fast and efficient and usually gets orders out within 48 hours.

Generally, you can expect your tea to arrive within 3 to 5 days.

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No. We ship only within the United States and are unable to fulfill international orders at this time. 

Free shipping is automatically added to all order of $40 and over at the time of checkout.

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Yes. We will make custom wholesale orders of either our Graviola Tea Company branded products, or can provide you with your own branded products.

Please visit our Wholesale page for additional information.

soursop, graviola & guanabana

Soursop and graviola are considered to have numerous health benefits, which we cover in greater detail on other pages of this website.

Please refer to our About Graviola page for general information, and our Blog for several more specific articles.

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.


All three words are names for the same plant, the Annona muricata. The difference is entirely in the language:

- Soursop in English

- Graviola in Brazilian Portuguese

- Guanabana in Spanish

Annona muricata is the latin name.

This is a good question, with no single answer. The general rule of thumb with herbal teas is to drink one cup up to three times per day, with occasional breaks. Many people prefer to take or drink just one or two cups per day.

We recommend that you read this blog article for more details on this subject.

Yes, but you would probably not like them!

Soursop leaves are thick and fibrous. You would have trouble chewing them and they can be hard to digest. Graviola supplements are generally made from soursop leaves ground into a powder and put into a capsule. We do not recommend these because the capsules are often too small to give a proper amount of soursop and mean that you have to digest the leaves. The best way to enjoy graviola is really by infusing the leaves into a tea.

Our products


All of our teas and leaves are organically grown, 100% chemical and pesticide free, and many of our ingredients are even harvested directly from the wild.

As of yet we do not have organic certification, so we currently do not label our products as organic. We are working on getting this (it takes time!) and hope to soon be able to label all of our products as organic certified.

This is a very important question because steeping soursop for tea is not the same as preparing a typical green or black tea.

We highly suggest you read this article to learn how best to prepare soursop teas.

Currently our products come from Sumatra, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

In Sumatra have teamed up with a local NGO who helps us to source our soursop leaves and other ingredients from local farmers. We aim to provide an additional income stream to local families, while encouraging agricultural diversity and the preservation of jungle.

In Sri Lanka we have teamed up with Cap Green Forests, a green agriculture technology and farming company involved in agricultural crop production. CAP has initiated a project in Sri Lanka with the main purpose of establishing and developing the organic agro business in the country. 

Andaliman is a small fruit found only in the high mountains of Sumatra, particularly in the region of Lake Toba. This powerful anti-oxidant is distantly related to sichuan pepper. The taste is absolutely incredible and adds a unique richness to our Graviola Detox blend.