Graviola Cut - Shredded Soursop Leaves for Tea

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Graviola, Soursop & Guanabana are 3 words for the same plant, the Annona muricata, which is renowned for its many health benefits.

Make your day easier with a cup of "Graviola Cut - Shredded Soursop Leaves for Tea":

✔ Provides the health benefits of the soursop plant
✔ Shredded leaves offer faster brewing times than whole graviola leaves
✔ 100% pure soursop leaves cut to make your life easier
✔ Leaves are hand-selected and shade-dried to ensure quality
✔ Comes in a resealable laminate bag for freshness
✔ 100% FREE of pesticides and chemicals

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Each bag contains 50 grams of loose-leaf soursop tea. Shredded Soursop leaves, offer all of the same health benefits as the whole leaves, but are easier to mix with other herbs and spices and have a shorter steeping time.

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Type: Tea

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